Tips For Traveling to The Bahamas

A trip to the Bahamas is almost everyone’s dream.  Think about the radiant shorelines beneath the stackable blue skies, the Bahamas is definitely a gem in the Atlantic. However, just like any travel abroad, a trip to Bahamas would need extra planning in order to be perfect. So here are some useful tips you can follow when traveling to this wonderful coral-based island.

Be aware of the bank schedule. 

The banking hours in the Bahamas are usually from Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 3:00pm. If you want to withdraw money or convert notes, you need to take note of these times to ensure you’re having enough cash on hand for your leisure.

Be safe when aboard a ship or boat.

Most of the activities in the Bahamas involve boating. So if you are planning to go boating, make sure you have enough supplies and all the necessary gears for your safety. Do not ride the boat if it is not registered or not compliant with coast guard safety policies.

Dress accordingly.

Although Bahamas seemed to be sunny all year round, it can really be cold here when night falls. Even so, it is important that you bring extra layers of clothes to protect yourself during night. When the weather is sunny, you can flaunt your bikini body with your two-piece but as soon as you enter the casinos, it is important that you also dress according to that purpose.

Exchange money at the exchange office.

Although the Bahamian dollar is equivalent to the US dollars, stores in this country do accept US bills. It is important that you exchange your money before walking into stores and fast foods. Nevertheless, they also accept credit cards and traveller’s checks.

Take note of their rules on giving tips.

There is a great variety of sea foods that you should try in the Bahamas. Nevertheless, you might think twice on giving tips to waiters. As far as tipping goes, majority of the establishments in the Bahamas will charge 15%  on top of the food prices as service charge for their waiters and waitresses. You can still give a tip but note that tipping is not customary.

Bahamas is definitely a beautiful country, not to mention the views it offers. If you want to get the best of your Bahamas vacation, you should go here in spring when the weather is average thereby radiating charm all over the islands. We hope that the tips are useful for your Bahamas trip. Have a safe trip!