Tips For Traveling to The Bahamas

A trip to the Bahamas is almost everyone’s dream.  Think about the radiant shorelines beneath the stackable blue skies, the Bahamas is definitely a gem in the Atlantic. However, just like any travel abroad, a trip to Bahamas would need extra planning in order to be perfect. So here are some useful tips you can follow when traveling to this wonderful coral-based island.

Be aware of the bank schedule. 

The banking hours in the Bahamas are usually from Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 3:00pm. If you want to withdraw money or convert notes, you need to take note of these times to ensure you’re having enough cash on hand for your leisure.

Be safe when aboard a ship or boat.

Most of the activities in the Bahamas involve boating. So if you are planning to go boating, make sure you have enough supplies and all the necessary gears for your safety. Do not ride the boat if it is not registered or not compliant with coast guard safety policies.

Dress accordingly.

Although Bahamas seemed to be sunny all year round, it can really be cold here when night falls. Even so, it is important that you bring extra layers of clothes to protect yourself during night. When the weather is sunny, you can flaunt your bikini body with your two-piece but as soon as you enter the casinos, it is important that you also dress according to that purpose.

Exchange money at the exchange office.

Although the Bahamian dollar is equivalent to the US dollars, stores in this country do accept US bills. It is important that you exchange your money before walking into stores and fast foods. Nevertheless, they also accept credit cards and traveller’s checks.

Take note of their rules on giving tips.

There is a great variety of sea foods that you should try in the Bahamas. Nevertheless, you might think twice on giving tips to waiters. As far as tipping goes, majority of the establishments in the Bahamas will charge 15%  on top of the food prices as service charge for their waiters and waitresses. You can still give a tip but note that tipping is not customary.

Bahamas is definitely a beautiful country, not to mention the views it offers. If you want to get the best of your Bahamas vacation, you should go here in spring when the weather is average thereby radiating charm all over the islands. We hope that the tips are useful for your Bahamas trip. Have a safe trip!

10 Best Things To Do in Cape Town, South Africa

There’s something for everyone in Cape Community. Up until you’ve been here, it sounds like the ultimate cliché. Yet spend any length of time in the city, as well as you’ll recognize 2 points: firstly, there’s never ever sufficient time to do every little thing, and the saying is actually true. There are hundreds of things to see as well as perform in Cape Town and you can begin with these.

Get an aerial point of view of the city

There’s no good way to place the entire city of Cape Town right into point of view than by standing up high. For many, this suggests marking time for the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. Open whenever the weather condition permits, it will obtain you to the top of the famous mountain in an issue of minutes, although peak season lines can include an extra hour or two to this. For those who are physically able, a more satisfying technique is to earn your sights.

Hang out on the beach

There are lots of coastlines in and around Cape Town that are worthy of a minimum of one early morning or afternoon. One of the most attractive beaches are along the Atlantic Seaboard: the similarity Clifton, Camps Bay, as well as Llandudno are beautiful, particularly if you’re a follower of sunsets.

Experience the Cape’s wines

The Cape’s wines punch well above their weight as well as yet are still incredibly budget-friendly. The vineyards are also great to visit even if you’re not a follower of the fermented grape– the old architecture, tranquil borders, and preferred restaurants alone make them worth the journey. There are estates populated throughout the region, with the closest in the suburban area of Constantia. 

Explore marine and wildlife

If you’re trying to find the ultimate high five experience, you could be far better off heading to Johannesburg and afterward attaching up with the Kruger National Park. Though there are some personal get available of Cape Town that dish out the big five, they tend to be smaller and also more unique than those up north. That’s not to say the Cape is brief on other wild animals: the various nature books, such as Cape Factor as well as West Coast National Park, are house to large antelope and one-of-a-kind birdlife. 

Soak up the atmosphere

Nowadays, Cape Community’s central city is a tourist attraction in itself. Day or night, there’s constantly something to do, whether you’re looking to delight in a coffee in an unusual facility, consume a meal at a bustling dining establishment, absorb some history by strolling the streets or party the night away at a fashionable bar or club.

Pick up some souvenirs

If you’re a fan of shopping, Cape Town needs to have you covered. The official shopping center setting of the V&A Waterfront supplies all the worldwide products and brand names you might wish for, in a harbor-like atmosphere. There’s additionally a curio market there that will provide you with essential ornaments to take back residence.

Eat-in restaurants at the city’s finest restaurants

Cape Community is home to most of the nation’s ideal restaurants. Whether you’re a foodie trying to find the utmost dish or merely desire lunch or more to keep in mind, the city has all of it. If you’re relaxed about your dining, a stroll along the dynamic Bree Street, or a dish at practically any kind of a glass of wine estate, need to leave you greater than satisfied.

Find out more

Cape Community has an important location in South Africa’s history. As the very first city of getting here settlers, it is home to a few of the oldest buildings in the country. There are several other important archaeological sites as well as museums to see in Cape Town, consisting of Robben Island, the District 6 Gallery as well as Bo-Kaap. Each will fill in an item of the city’s historic challenge.

Visit These Florida Vacation Spots

Ponce de Leon named this place “La Florida” meaning- “flowery land” and this is so true because there are some beautiful flowers in Florida, maybe some of the most diverse and beautiful flowers and plants in the world.

In addition to Florida’s incredible flora, Florida is gifted with some really nice beaches and varieties of animal species. The natural beauty of Florida always draws people from every corner of the world and this made the state a perfect travel destination. Due to this, Florida gracefully boasts most of the greatest and most famous attractions in the country. Places like Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios Orlando.

This travel guide will help you get a little familiar with some of the places you have to visit during your vacation in Florida.

Top 3 Sights in Florida

  • The Kennedy Space Center

This is NASA’s space center which they use as the launching pad for all US space flights since 1968. This space center is housed on Merritt Island, which is located halfway between Jacksonville and Miami. You can experience some of the greatest engineering work by man; spacecraft are not only launched here but also built.

  • Everglades National Park

Unlike the Disney Worlds and the Universal Studios, the Everglades National Park offers a distinct sense of hinterland, in a state with over 19 million inhabitants. According to the National Park service, Everglades is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States and the third largest National Park in the states with a land mass of 1.5 million acres. There are numerous outdoor activities available to everyone here.

  • Universal Studios Orlando

This is the production company that makes some of Hollywood’s best movies and entertainment. It also has incredible themed rides, shopping, attractions and dining. It features two theme parks actually, a resort with three hotels, 60 places to go shopping, and more than 50 amazing restaurants. Though, it is not exactly cheap but it’s worth every penny. What an incredible little world?!


5 Things You Should Do in Cozumel

Are you planning to escape away from the hustle-bustle of daily life? Have you packed your bags to unwind on the largest Caribbean island? You’ve made the right decision! Cozumel – also known as one of the liveliest tourist spots in Mexico – has several things to see during the day and many to enjoy the evening.

With so much to do under one roof – you might get confused about what to pick and what not. So, here we thought to compile the top 5 things to do in Cozumel.

A day at the Beach

Experience some ME time at one of the white sandy beaches of Cozumel. Here you can be as active as lazy as you want – with some deck chairs available to relax in the shade or to unwind under the parasols. Ideal for all levels of swimmers and snorkelers, you can choose to stroll around or try your hand at several water sports activities.

Try Authentic Mexican Food

Discover the different flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine here and get ready to treat your taste buds with a range of uniquely prepared dishes. With a variety of fine-dining restaurants available to choose from – you can satisfy your appetite with an exclusive selection of delicious delicacies such as tortes, tacos, churros, ceviche, and enchiladas. And when you feel like relaxing in a chic and modern décor, head to the nearby bars to chill out with a large assortment of refreshing drinks!  

Visit the El Mirador

Located on the east coast of the island and just a 30-minute drive away from downtown, El Mirador is a place to admire the natural beauty of the sea. You can hire a car or book a private taxi to enjoy the stunning views from the top.

It’s an excellent spot to disconnect yourself from the temporal world for some time, and if you’re one of those who are just looking to relax, El Mirador is a great place to go.

Shop for Arts and Crafts

You can’t return home without experiencing some retail therapy in Cozumel. The island is home to plenty of craft markets and art galleries where you can stop to choose from the unique embroidered linens, carved wood, beautiful silver jewelry, and hammered metal work. Don’t get confused by the ample space and commercial logo at Los Cinco Solves – several handmade things can also be found here. Other must-visited places to complement to your fashion world with the latest outfits are Royal Village Cozumel, Punta Langosta Mall, and Puerta Maya.


Enjoy the Sunset

Nothing could be better than overlooking a sunset view at the end of every day. Well, it’s a perfect start to add a bit of excitement in some moonlight action. No matter where you are – you can’t miss it when you’re on holidays in Cozumel.

Be sure to prepare a checklist before visiting Cozumel and return with some memories to be cherished forever!