Traveling to Norway

Norway is reliably positioned as one of the world’s most costly vacationer locations, however don’t allow that to stop you in case you’re going on a careful spending plan. 

Indeed, even those with the littlest wallets can capitalize on the nation’s astonishing nature, history and culture without using up every last cent. Simply follow our 15 cash saving tips and you’ll have the option to go round the nation like a lord or sovereign – all on a tight financial plan. 

Get the best deals for room and rental

Despite the fact that convenience in Norway might be probably the greatest cost, there are approaches to hold the cost down. Ensure you do your web research already and book convenience as far ahead of time as feasible for the best arrangements. 

Get Loyalty Cards to Save on Hotel Accommodation

In case you’re remaining in a few lodgings around the country, you can take a stab at joining an inn devotion plot. Plans like Scandic Friends, run by Scandinavia’s biggest inn network, offer limits at its lodgings at ends of the week and during occasions – and the greater amount of its inns you stay in the more markdown focuses you procure. 

Use markdown cards 

To take advantage of a city break, it merits purchasing a markdown card which gives diminished or free admission to exhibition halls and sights, and frequently incorporates public vehicles as well. Getting the Oslo Pass is an incredible method to set aside cash in the capital, for instance. See our guide on whether the Oslo Card merits purchasing for your outing. 

Go wild in the country 

Outdoors wild is free and legitimate wherever in Norway, as long as you set up your shelter in any event 150 meters from the closest possessed house or lodge. This additionally applies to camper vans and parades. Other than in the mountains or distant territories, you need to inquire as to whether you’re remaining for over two evenings in a similar spot.

The Most Delicious Food in Palestine

Palestine is a complex territory in the Middle East. But the place is incredibly amazing and the food as well. Whether you’re on a business trip or a long vacation, we have made a list of the best food in Palestine that you must try.

Find our number one Palestinian nourishments and must-attempt neighborhood dishes, from fantastic cracked servings of mixed greens, to sweet dates and kebabs cooked over hot coals. 


Knafeh is a cake Palestinians fuss for. Think destroyed cake moved with a gentle white cheddar, caramelized in a hazardously delectable nectar syrup. Pistachios are the last segment. The city of Nablus is viewed as the focal point of knafeh-production. Or on the other hand attempt the Holy Land Sun café in the close by lovely town of Sebastia. 

Jericho dates 

Palestine’s Medjool dates are vulgarly stout and sweet, especially around Jericho. Date ranchers Nakheel Palestine, where the ladies deal with the creation side of the 40,000 palm trees, flexibly hand-picked clingy pearls that are the crème de la crème and have won various awards. 

Olive Oil 

‘Zaytoun is the Arabic word for olives,’ clarifies Heather Masoud, prime supporter of Zaytoun, the social endeavor liable for bringing Palestinian produce to the worldwide stage. Also, it’s zaytoun that is designed into Palestinian culture. Exceptional olives and olive oil originate from the agreeable of Canaan, up around Burqin where the lavish slopes of the north host old olive trees dating 3,000 years. 


Freekeh is a green wheat, roasted with a solid smoky flavor. On the off chance that you need to utilize it like Palestinians, generally they blend it in with spices and stuff courgettes, aubergines and plant leaves with it, a cycle called mahshi. 


In the event that you need to cook or eat like a Palestinian, attempt musakhan. It’s an overwhelming combo of olive oil, sumac, caramelized onions and entirely cooked chicken on flatbread. ‘It’s for the most part viewed as our public dish,’ clarifies Kattan.

The Best Hotels in Portugal

So you’re coming to Portugal. We’ve been around this country for so long and to tell you the truth, decades of staying here is not enough to circumnavigate the place and see every ounce of its beauty. However, if you are coming here for a vacation we suggest that you choose a hotel that is close to your desired destination for quick access. Here are some of the best hotels that you can stay in when you’re in Portugal.

The Yeatman

The Yeatman is one of the most unique hotels in Portuga. It is the only hotel with a decanter-shaped pool with a huge cellar filled with 25,000 bottles of wine. How awesome is that? This hotel is known for its mesmerizing views over Porto and spacious rooms. What is more impressing is that it has a Michelin-starred restaurant. You need to really bring extra cash if you want to get the most of The Yeatman.

Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort

Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort lies low along the clifftop of India and offers a great view of the sea. It hotel boasts 243 white-washed rooms that offer a cosy and breathable atmosphere. When you enter the hotel, you will be met with the artistic interiors. You can only glare in admiration. Well, it’s no surprise that this hotel has a spectacular interior as they own it to Broadway Malayan, a group of meticulous interior designers in India.

Altis Avenida

The Altis Avenida is perfectly situated on Praҁa dos Restauradores. Although it was built in 1940s, this hotel remains to be a beautiful gem waiting for everyone to discover. The rooms are elegantly design plus here is a rooftop restaurant that offers sumptuous food for everyone. You should add this on your bucket list when visiting Portugal.

Hote The Vine

Hotel The Vine dazzles in the middle of Funchal. It has an amazing façade and cozy interior. You will love every room of it and the rooftop pool is totally awesome. What makes this hotel unique is the furniture that resembles twisted vines. If you love purple then the rich purple fabrics of this hotel will make fall in love over and over again.

Tips For Traveling to The Bahamas

A trip to the Bahamas is almost everyone’s dream.  Think about the radiant shorelines beneath the stackable blue skies, the Bahamas is definitely a gem in the Atlantic. However, just like any travel abroad, a trip to Bahamas would need extra planning in order to be perfect. So here are some useful tips you can follow when traveling to this wonderful coral-based island.

Be aware of the bank schedule. 

The banking hours in the Bahamas are usually from Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 3:00pm. If you want to withdraw money or convert notes, you need to take note of these times to ensure you’re having enough cash on hand for your leisure.

Be safe when aboard a ship or boat.

Most of the activities in the Bahamas involve boating. So if you are planning to go boating, make sure you have enough supplies and all the necessary gears for your safety. Do not ride the boat if it is not registered or not compliant with coast guard safety policies.

Dress accordingly.

Although Bahamas seemed to be sunny all year round, it can really be cold here when night falls. Even so, it is important that you bring extra layers of clothes to protect yourself during night. When the weather is sunny, you can flaunt your bikini body with your two-piece but as soon as you enter the casinos, it is important that you also dress according to that purpose.

Exchange money at the exchange office.

Although the Bahamian dollar is equivalent to the US dollars, stores in this country do accept US bills. It is important that you exchange your money before walking into stores and fast foods. Nevertheless, they also accept credit cards and traveller’s checks.

Take note of their rules on giving tips.

There is a great variety of sea foods that you should try in the Bahamas. Nevertheless, you might think twice on giving tips to waiters. As far as tipping goes, majority of the establishments in the Bahamas will charge 15%  on top of the food prices as service charge for their waiters and waitresses. You can still give a tip but note that tipping is not customary.

Bahamas is definitely a beautiful country, not to mention the views it offers. If you want to get the best of your Bahamas vacation, you should go here in spring when the weather is average thereby radiating charm all over the islands. We hope that the tips are useful for your Bahamas trip. Have a safe trip!